Thoughts of Horst Mahler / English / Parts 1-7

These films stand as an introduction to the opinions and thoughts of the great Horst Mahler, and are intended to help people grasp the alteration of consciousness that must take place, if we are all to survive both as “species” and more importantly as spirit on this planet, our magnificent inheritance.
They are best, owing to the size of the inserted texts, to be viewed on a screen, rather than a phone, and have been built in the form of a “visual book” with moving image examples of the ideas contained therein. Great credit is due to the German Corona Committee for creating the material on which they are based, which has made this further analysis possible. They must be carefully studied, stopped where necessary, and offered patience, and reflection. This alteration of consciousness cannot happen “overnight”, but must be practiced, for which these films are intended as an initiator, and preliminary guide in this process. What is to be gained is “a new world”, what hangs in the balanceis literally “life” itself, as many of us have felt, but without this knowledge, have not yet understood on what level the battle is being fought. All notions of “criminality” and “blame” etc. must be dropped, and replaced with a knowledge, that is “up to date” with the consciousness of the spirit, in preparation for this transformation. I wish you every luck and insight in this endeavour, and thank you in advance for taking the trouble “to be interested”. If you can grasp the truths herein, then you will be able to protect not only your life, but life as a principle, for the future.


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Der Schelm läßt übrigens die schwachmatischen "Kommentare" neurotisierter Antifanten zu seinen Büchern bewußt stehen, um klarzumachen, wes Geistes Kind diese bedauernswerten Kretins sind. Der Schelm ist allerdings Humanist und Optimist und daher voll davon überzeugt, daß sich der mentale Zustand der Linksdrifter mit der Zeit verbessern wird.

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